These Are Two Covenants: Reconsidering Paul on the Mosaic Law

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"... we continue to echo Peter: Paul remains difficult to understand. But we press forward, confident that within the complex maze of corridors and twisting shafts of Paul's thought, inestimable riches wait to be mined, and no labour is comparable in value to the gold that we seek there. For Paul's proclamation is the rich gospel of Jesus Christ."

Paperback: 103 pp. (2012)
Ebook: 101 pp. (2010)

In this small book, Tim Gallant engages in careful rethinking of Paul's handling of the matter of the Mosaic law.

Keying on the central texts in Galatians and Romans, Gallant works with the logic and flow of Paul's arguments, rather than beginning with dogmatic questions. Without taking an uncritical stance toward recent development such as the New Perspective on Paul, nor offering a standard exposition of traditional exegetical approaches to Paul, Gallant helps unearth the inner logic of a variety of apparent tensions in Paul's reflections on the law.

The result is an intriguing re-presentation of Paul's salvation-historical hermeneutic.


  • Foreword (by Rich Lusk)
  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • The New Perspective on Paul
  • What Law?
    • Particular vs Universal
    • Oral Law?
    • Scripture and Covenant
  • Not Under Law
    • Two Ages
    • Removal from Torah in Galatians
    • Removal from Torah in Romans
    • Torah Nailed to the Cross: Ephesians and Colossians
    • Other Pauline Statements on Removal from Torah
  • Why Not Torah?
    • Gentiles and Torah
    • Why and Wherefore
    • Life Under Sin
    • Sin, Judgment, and Torah
    • Israel's Boast
  • Justification, Torah, and the Abrahamic Covenant
    • Romans 10:5-8
    • Galatians 3:11, 12
    • Christ as Torah
    • Summary: Christ and the Covenants
  • Jewish Christians and a Defunct Law
  • Fulfilling the Law
  • Paul and Jesus
  • Paul and the Reformed Tradition
    • The "Moral Law"
    • Sola Fide and Saving Faith in Paul
    • The Reformation and Eschatological Justification in Paul
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Mini-Glossary
  • Scripture Index
  • About the Author

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